Organic Viet Natural Wave

 The Raw Burmese Curly Hair is lightweight with big ringlets. Hair Thick from root to tips with naturally tapered ends as the natural hair grows.  This hair allows for easy and beautiful-looking styles.  When washed, it will always revert back to its natural wave pattern.  Due to its natural nature, the wave pattern will vary from bundle to bundle. 


  • Maintenance Level: Low Maintenance
  • Hair type: 100% Organic Viet
  • Wefting: Full machine-wefted
  • Processing: Completely unprocessed natural texture and colors
  • Track length: Machine weft is up to 5 feet long depending on the length
  • Sourcing: Single-drawn ethically sourced Burmese hair
  • Advised Quantity: 2-3 Bundles under 18″, 3+ Bundles 20″ & longer
  • Weight: Approximately 3.5 ounces


Organic Viet hair bundles are not added with any chemicals, completely healthy and soft for wearing.

Organic Viet hair bundles are double-wefted, with no tangle and shedding if the wefts have not been cut.

Organic Viet hair is well collected from top to end in the same direction

Organic Viet bundles are in natural condition, suitable for any hairstyle handling, like straighten, curly, deep curly and other restyle patterns people prefer.

Organic Viet bundles are is easy to maintain.



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